Animation film show

The animation film show presented an overview of the day to parents and visitors, allowing them to have an insight to the projects their children have been involved with.

The X Factor challenge appears to be just that, a challenge! #IBMRoboChallenge

The X Factor challenge was a task assigned to children this morning. All schools had to select two children from their team to programme the Lego car to complete all elements of the maze with an added feature. By the end of the day all of the children will be elite coders!

What are the benefits of schools working with an industry partner?

We’ve been asking teachers from the robo challenge schools what the benefits have been of working in partnership with IBM.

“It’s been massive to come here and see the IBM building and all these people that work here. the girls have lots of questions already about the kind of jobs there are here. They are in London, at IBM and taking part in this big competition”, said one teacher “The volunteers coming into the school have been really good at talking to the girls about how the activities relate to real life and explaining how they use the same sort of problem-solving in their jobs. The volunteer gave them real-life examples of coding.”